Bad Customer Service 2

You really can't afford to talk to customers anyhow or act like they don't matter. Even when faced with hard to please customers and overbearing ones. Learn to remain calm and do everything within your means, and ability to make sure they have a good enough experience to make referrals or at least, want to patronize you again. 

Bad Customer Service 1 

I know people say it is the harsh nature of our environment/country that has made many of us to develop business mindsets in attempts to thrive. But whatever the reason, now you are in business, please treat your customers well and right, it's these customers you talk to anyhow that would bring the money naa... 

Customer Service

​It's been weeks since I last posted here... One of my aims for starting this blog was to help myself be consistent at writing, and I seem to have started falling short in that regard. But I have decided to make amends and get back to it... I've actually been writing, just not been posting,…

Your Words = Your World

The entire creation, and the world we see and know today all came to being through Spoken Words, and till today, when we speak into the atmosphere as God's representatives and image on earth, the whole of creation responds and goes into action.

MARRIAGE: The Next Big Achievement?

When did age, or completion of university education become the proof of readiness for marriage? I believe there are no punishments for late comers in marriage, but there are grave punishments for those who rush into it blindly.  Dear single sister, don't let anybody put unnecessary pressure on you. Don't say yes to that man simply because you want to get married for the sake of getting married, not even because almost all your friends are married... Don't act blind to those red signs and flags, just because you are in a hurry to get married... Take your time please and be sure you are ready psychologically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually, both guys and ladies. You have more years to live married, than you lived single. Marriage is beautiful, but only when it's to the right person.

Not A Mistake!!! 

Circumstances surrounding your conception or birth don't define you!!! Even your past records of repeated failures don't define you!!! No matter how many mistakes you have made, You are not a mistake!!! Let that sink into your mind and heart and fill your consciousness. You are not a mistake because God doesn't make mistakes, everything He does is planned and full of purpose... Great purpose!!! 


​Dear Woman...  You were made in the image of God... The fact that God formed us from the ribs of man doesn't mean we are anything less of God's very image and likeness.  You are priceless... God had made everything else, but the world still felt incomplete, a gem was missing, man was incomplete, and…

As You See It!!! 

We all see things, people, and situations differently, and how each person perceives things influences our dispositions to life generally. Whether we like or or not, how we see things and people largely determines how we relate to them. The eyes are referred to as the organ of sight, but we truly see things with our mind, the eyes only serve as a window or channel, because whatever the eyes capture is subject to the mind's interpretation, which is largely based on prejudices.

Life is a Gift, Living is a Choice!!!

Happy new month, amazing people! We are in the fifth month of 2017, already!!! Wow, the year is really running on a high speed, and I hope we are equally moving and progressing. How has it been achieving the new year resolutions thus far? Been on point? Or are you like me, who has abandoned…

If You Did It Before… 

Many times, life brings its different dozes of bad and unfortunate experiences, and we are really stressed and pressed to the point of wanting to give up. But if only we cast our minds back to victories won in the past, we can be assured of even greater victories. The reality of life is that everyday is a battle in itself, and the fact that you have come this far is proof that you can go further and farther. Rather than let yourself be overburdened with present challenges, cast your mind back, and draw strength and wisdom from past victories. Don't give up just yet... Try again... If you did it before, you can do it again... You have not come this far to give up now!!!